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Commercial Sales

When a business buys exercise equipment the requirements are much different than that of a residential setting. With over 20 years of experience the expertise we can provide will be invaluable to ensuring a successful installation.
Residential equipment is generally less expensive than commercial equipment making it tempting to purchase. Be aware that manufactures consider the warranty of residential only equipment to be null and void if it’s used in a commercial setting. They also accept no financial responsibility for any damages or injury resulting in its use in the wrong setting. Buying residential equipment to save money can end up being a very expensive bargain. Manufacture’s engineering and design team determine what it takes to make their product last. Do not expect a residential piece to survive long in a commercial setting. You would not expect your home washer and dryer to last long in a laundry mat.

Service Area

Our primary service area is
NW Oregon and SW Washington.
There are additional travel fees
for areas outside the Portland
and Salem Metro areas.

Key Questions We can Answer
  • How many people will be using the equipment?
  • What types of equipment will best work in the setting?
  • Will the equipment fit in the room?
  • What arrangement provides the best workout flow?
  • Where is electricity needed and how much?
  • What are the entertainment options?
  • Will the equipment be durable?
  • Who will maintain the equipment?
  • Equipment Classifications

    Manufacturers design, construct and warranty their equipment for three distinct market segments realizing the increasing wear and tear demands on equipment that is used only occasionally to being used continuously for hours on end.
    Residential—for the use of a single family in their residence.
    Light Commercial—multiple users w/
    4 hours use per day:
    Full Commercial—unlimited use.

    Services We Provide

    Site Survey - Floor Plan Drawings
    Electrical Requirements - Flooring Sales
    Equipment Sales - Entertainment Sales
    Accessory Sales - Delivery Scheduling