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Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bluetooth Technology with an App - Indoor Cycle - Keiser eepdx

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bluetooth Technology with an App


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The Keiser M3i Cycle will change the way you think about indoor cycling.
  M3i Indoor Cycle - In our newest model, The m3i comes equipped with our new Fore and Aft Adjustable Handlebars, Backlit M Series Display, Bluetooth Technology and a factory calibrated resistance system.


  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • Simpler seat adjustment pull-pin
  • Eddy current magnetic resistance system
  • Four-way adjustable seat
  • Wheels on base for easy transport
  • Water bottle holder.

Keiser’s groundbreaking new entry into the indoor cycling market, The M3i is the first to feature a Bluetooth wireless computer. For group exercise classes, data from the M3i computer can be projected onto a display. With an app, riders can download data from the computer to their smart phone or tablet! 

To compliment their new Bluetooth technology, Keiser will now offer a new group exercise projection system, the Keiser GX (see video below). The new Bluetooth wireless display computer can transmit to a receiver for projection onto a screen and can also partner up with a wireless phone or tablet. Doing away with the conventional rider-worn monitor, rider data will be transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to reflect the performance of the rider, making the M3i the most technologically advanced indoor cycle ever.

Technical Information:

  • Height: 45' / 1143mm
  • Width: 26" / 660 mm
  • Length: 49 / 1245 mm
  • Weight 85lbs / 38.56kg


An eddy current is an electric current in a conducting material that results from induction by a moving or varying magnetic field. On M Series equipment this is generated by two opposing magnets passing over the flywheel. The flywheel (a conductor) passes through the magnetic field generated by the two powerful magnets. By varying how much of the flywheel comes into contact with the magnetic field you can increase or decrease the amount of resistance for the rider. As no parts in the resistance system ever touch there is no wear on the system.

When the flywheel is turned in proximity of the magnetic field the eddy current is created. The flywheel acts like a conductor with closed circuits. The energy generated by turning the flywheel has nowhere to go, so as it resists it becomes more difficult for the rider to pedal. If the flywheel is in less contact with the magnetic field it’s easier to ride. The more of the flywheel that comes in contact with the magnetic field (the higher the energy that is being generated with each turn) the more difficult it becomes to ride.

Fig. 1. At full resistance the flywheel is in most contact with the magnetic field. When you reduce the amount of contact to the field (move the magnets away) the resistance then decreases.

Keiser m3i Indoor Cycle Series Cardio equipment effectively utilizes the POWER formula. Power (amount of work being done in a given amount of time by the rider) = Force (the amount of resistance) x Velocity (RPM, speed the rider is pedaling). This is the same formula all road bikes follow: pedal faster (increase velocity) and the harder it is to move as the wind resistance increases (increase in force) which requires more effort to pedal (increase in the amount of power).

Power is the component that sets performance equipment apart from just fitness equipment. Power is of value to all people from the older adult, to the professional athlete. In fact, Tour De France riders have adopted a mechanism to track the power output in their rides. It’s no longer about heart rate it’s about how much power is being generated by that rider.

The Keiser
m3i differs from most other cardio equipment on the market because you are given the ability to fine tune the intensity of your workout. With other equipment, it's the usual story: the faster you move the easier it is to ride and the slower you move the harder it becomes as the equipment tries to keep up the resistance. With the Keiser m3i Series, your power output is truly yours.

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